Members Work

Meetings are often busy and we never seem to have enough time to appreciate the quilts, bags, cushions or anything else that our members have made. Our website is giving us the opportunity to view each others work and perhaps inspire new members to come and join us.

Made by Eva May, this is what she says about it ……”This is a large bed quilt made for a friend using fabrics which she chose. She decided she wanted a medallion style quilt. I modelled it on one I made some 10 years ago designed by Rosemary Yeomans but I changed it and added some rounds. The turquoise strips are joining strips so it was not made in one piece. That is the way I cope with quilting a large quilt through my sewing machine!”

Also by Eva, this is a small quilt (A4) worked from a photograph of her grandchildren taken during lockdown 2020.


This is by Joan Openshaw, she tells us that this was the first quilt she made at a Chichester Quilters workshop some years ago.  It was made to go on the bunk in their boat, hence the colour scheme.  They have now sold the boat and the photo shows it in its new home on the bed in their motorhome.


Another member made this after a trip to India, she tells us ……. ” most of the fabric was bought  during a tour of India. We visited a block printing workshop in Rajasthan where we saw some printing and had a go ourselves. The elephant cloth came from the shop on site. I bought the other  Indian cloth in Kerala and there is one from my stash which was bought in England although I don’t have a record of the make. The solids are Kona.  I wanted to get the feel of Indian architecture and drew a number of arches and roofs from photographs I took. I simplified these and made templates all to the same width. I hand sewed them to strips  and machined the strips together randomly.  The ‘roofs’ were quilted a little in from the edge and the rest was free motion quilted in a  pattern of large coconut palms”  


Under our charity section are examples of some of the work done by Anna Clare to help the NHS through this tough year but also for fun here is this beautiful Luna Lapin also made by Anna, dressed in some very smart pyjamas.


These One Block Wonder Quilts are by Suzanne Boulter, she tells us “I made my first One Block Wonder about three years ago and became instantly addicted. The technique comes from a book by Maxine Rosenthal and results in every quilt being completely unique. 
Six repeats are cut from the same fabric and stacked before being cut into triangles. The six identical triangles are sewn together to create hexagons and then the designing process starts.
It’s a lot of fun”



Made by Penny Buchan who explains……. “This quilt is made from some flannel strips I bought at Farnham a couple of years ago for very little money! Some of the strips are a tartan design and not cut very straight so it has a slightly wobbly look . The smaller ones are made from what was left over and are blankets for my daughters’ s dogs! I think both the small ones are backed with brushed cotton left over from one daughters dressmaking when she was a teenager, now 49! Never throw anything away!!”

Also from Penny, masks for singers, extra large and shaped using cable ties or boning! 

Through lockdown, our Chair, Suzanne has tried to keep us all motivated and busy with different challenges, one of these challenges grew out of her visit to an exhibition of Gees Bend Quilts. This was testing as it took most of us out of our comfort zone, not measuring and then measuring again and not using all our different tools. templates and rotary cutters etc. and fabric was anything we could lay our hands on so all different textures and colours and weights.

This fusion, again by Penny Buchan came from this challenge


Jenny Durman tells us ” this is the fabric that inspired me to do a rainbow Bargello quilt, using Jordon Fabrics easy Bargello pattern, unfortunately my stripes were going the opposite way so it wasn’t quite as easy as it should have been.

This is the finished project, it is for my son and I used Matilda’s wool wadding and backed it with navy blue fleece as my son wanted it very warm for for his camper van trips.

For Further information on the Snowdrop Quilt, please see under our Charity heading.


From Sally Botwright who tells us……” I am relatively new to quilting and am completely hooked! This colourful quilt which comes from Tula Pink’s book, 100 modern quilt blocks was my first lockdown project and I had already amassed a large enough stash to do the whole thing without purchasing any more fabric!

This black and white, one block wonder was my first biggish quilt completed after classes at The Little House of Patchwork and I love the patterns this technique offer

More lockdown quilts

Mix of quilted blocks and sashiko.


From Jenny Knight we have this Double Wedding Ring Quilt which has certainly travelled! Jenny made this whilst living in Singapore and it was hand quilted in the Philippines.

Also, made for Christmas 2020 is this table runner along with some fun bright cushions for her grandchildren.


This quilt was made by our member Jane Wheeler and was kindly donated to the Afghan Friendship Appeal.