Afghan Friendship Quilts

Our members are busy making friendship quilts to give to Afghan families who are settling in the UK. Most families left Afghanistan with few possessions and although the necessities are being provided by various agencies, a gift of a new quilt seems a friendly thing to do.

Our Chair’s husband worked for a British Government Aid department for two years in Kabul so we have personal contacts who find themselves in this dreadful situation.

There is a buddy system in place which matches a British person who used to work with the British Embassy in Afghanistan with a newly arrived family or individual and our quilts will be distributed using this network, so, hopefully, we can match the quilt to a suitable recipient.

If you would like further information, please get in touch with us using the contact page on this website.

Thanks to The Little House of Patchwork in North Mundham and also Falcon Fabrics Chichester for their very kind donations of fabric to help our members make the friendship quilts.

Also a huge thank you to Valerie Nesbitt of for generously donating a large pile of quilts which was much appreciated and got us off to a great start. The photograph shows many of them.

Quilts from Just Hands – On TV

Our members have also been busy sewing and more than 20 were brought to the last meeting though many more are wanted and there is still plenty of time to get sewing! Here are some of our members donated quilts.